Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Confessions of the soul

We all live life in many different styles. The way we dress,walk,eat,laugh,work etc... We are all different. Many people might consider me a loser,while others view me as simple and or High maintenance.

Myself I know I am a loser. As if that was a bad thing? I have lost a lot of things in life,not all of it was bad. I have gained a lot in life from what I have lost. Have I lost you yet? LOL

I have lost many a friend from moving on in life in different directions, from illness that took their life away a bit to soon. I have lost what I thought to be good friends to only find out they were maybe not true friends to begin with. "To have a friend, you must be a friend first" is my motto.

One of the biggest things I have lost in the past almost year is-
I have lost my ability to say "yes" to everything, I have lost my spontaneity to be able to just jump in the car with a moments notice and just go out to eat. Things that are so simple in some peoples world are no longer in mine, Yes, you see I am a loser!

Do I say this to drag myself down? To make people feel sorry for me? To shine a negative light around the world? HELL NO! I say all this because it is true!

When I say I am a loser it is because I have lost the desire to eat fast foods,lay around doing nothing,being sick all the time. Yes, I have taking control over my life and done something to change it
I am a loser- I have lost 94 pounds in 8 months, I have taken off 76.5 inches on my body. I have lost 20.5 sizes in clothing, I am a loser!!

Did it come to me easy? Hell no, It has been a lot of blood,sweat and tears. I have to work at it hard every day and I have to have a mind set of this is going to work. I have to be very mindful in all the foods I put in my mouth, I have to exercise to achieve my goals, I have to be honest in everything I do. It is so Physical,emotional and takes complete dedication!

I am for the first time in my life PROUD to be a LOSER! I have Self worth,Power,Drive,Confidence and Health!

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Fiona said...

Wow! Well done hun!!! You look fabulous!

Kelly said...

Thanks, alot of hard flippin work. Don't ever let some one say "it is the easy way out" They are uneducated twits LOL