Sunday, June 8, 2008

For the love of dogs

I love dogs,do you?

We have 3 dogs that live behind us(not talking of the owners but that shoe could kinda fit as well). They are larger dogs and when they are outside they spend their time in a small upright kennel (guessing 10x10)

I watch them out my kitchen window when I am working on meals or such. Curt often hears me complain about how these dogs are treated or rather not treated.

There is no rule/law that you HAVE to give your animals love,compassion or such. Hell there isn't really a rule that you have to make sure they have water outside. Oh yes some say there is that rule- Ever try to enforce it? The cops will come out,talk to the owners and that's it. All the owners have to say is oh we gave them water,they drank it all or spilled it..there is no way of proving it.

Ok, let me get back on track because that is a whole nother rant I could go into for a long time.

Yesterday I was looking out that very window at the dogs and noticed the gal of the house was sitting outside on her back step while the guy mowed the lawn. Right then it hit me. A TOMATO CAGE cut down to size could be poked into the ground and their water bucket placed inside the cage!!

I stopped everything I was doing went over there and talked to her,she was accepting to the idea so, I went and grabbed a cage from the side of our shed and brought it over! I showed her where to cut the cage etc.. then I went back home to finish making dinner LOL

I watched out my window and sure enough she was cutting the cage like I suggested and placing it in a corner like I also suggested..giggles. This put hope and a bounce in my heart. These dogs will by gosh have water at all times if it means I take my garden watering can over, poke it through the fence and pour it into the bucket! Hence the idea of her placing it in a corner of the fence LOL

When she went to get the water bucket filled the dogs all went and inspected the frame work in their space. They also drank a ton of water when she brought the bucket out and placed it in the frame.

I am so proud of my idea! and that it worked. I might not of saved a planet but I have made it so 3 dogs will survive and have water!

There is more then one way to skin a cat..oh wait were talking dogs here LOL
take care

Friday, June 6, 2008

May I take your hat and coat?

I was out driving today when I noticed a man walking along. He was wearing a man's dress hat,coat and swinging his umbrella tapping it on the sidewalk as he walked.
This brought back memories of years gone by. Men don't dress like that much any more,if at all. He was not even an older man he was maybe in his mid 40s.

He walked as if he had not a care in the world. I noticed on his hat where the ribbon would normally be around the base of the hat, he had buttons of different types going around the whole hat. I wonder what the buttons said,were they political buttons,funny saying buttons..just what type of buttons could they have been???

My grandfather had a couple dress hats. One was black for formal and winter wear. The other was more of a tweed type hat with a ribbon of sorts around the base. The hats might of even had a small decorative feather on the ribbon. Each hat had a dress coat to go with,made of the same type of material or close to it. They had to match. Anything would go now days.

It made me remember how much I enjoy a well dressed man. Curt has dress coats and casual coats. Maybe teddy will have to get him a dress hat! for fathers day. I have a week to ponder that idea.LOL Curt is probably reading this blog, oh well we have been together to long to have secrets lol

Take care!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Change, what is it all about? Is it the jingle in your pants pocket? Is it the humm in your brain?
A few years ago we all prepared for the crash of the world Y2K. Remember that?

People were out buying bottled water,getting supplies ready in case of complete shut down.
I personally remember one of my g/f's doing all of this! I thought ok, you are out of your mind,nothing is going to happen and if it does so what! Someone,Someplace will fix it and everything will be ok.

As it turned out everything was ok,none of those bottled waters needed and no going into hiding. I sometimes wonder if people left those can goods in their shelters and ewww the thought of finding it all rusty etc.. ewww just ewwww!

Maybe I was silly for not believing or for believing everything would be ok. I will never know because it never happened.

I guess that is everything that brings me to this topic. Yes, change is hard. It is even harder when we age. I have made some changes lately and shared one of them with you all.

I made sure to have the back up blog page. I know a few of you have visited the page, I know a few more have refused to visit it. Yes, it is a couple more buttons to click and a place that wants yet another bit of information from you. But, really what have you got to lose at this point?
Chat rooms are null to none, we sit idle playing games and hanging out in messenger OR going to other chat sites and pretending we are not.

Maybe in my older age I am getting ready for the day of yahell really messing up, or no longer being around. It already is not supporting some of its programs and keep promising us something bigger and better, have yet to see that.

Micro-soft will keep things rolling at some point in time, if that all goes through. Until all the wrinkles get ironed out I will still be around in messenger and E-mail. I will have my blog at and I guess it is important enough to me to keep in contact with everyone so, I will have to keep posting here too, seeing as change is to hard for most.

I will always go that extra step, how about you?

Monday, June 2, 2008

Wisc. cop's

A Madison, WI policeman had a perfect spot to watch for speeders, but wasn't getting many. Then he discovered the problem - a 12-year-old boy was standing up the road with a hand painted sign,which read "RADAR TRAP AHEAD". The officer then found a young accomplice down the road with a sign reading "TIPS" and a bucket full of money.(And we used to just sell lemonade!)


A motorist was mailed a picture of his car speeding through an automated radar post in La Crosse, WI. A $40 speeding ticket was included. Being cute, he sent the police department a picture of $40. The police responded with another mailed photo of handcuffs.

A young woman was pulled over for speeding. As Wisconsin State Trooper Officer walked to her car window, flipping open his ticket book, she said,"I bet you are going to sell me a ticket to the State Troopers Ball. "He replied, "Wisconsin State Troopers don't have balls." There was a moment of silence while she smiled, and he realized what he'd just said. He then closed his book, got back in his patrol car and left. She was laughing too hard to start her car.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Do you believe in Karma? I am starting to think that I do. Thinking back to this past winter and some of my blogs that I wrote. Jokes that I typed. Thoughts that I had. They all come back to bite you in the rear at some point and time.

That point in time was yesterday. Curt was outside with me,going to help with the million planters for the yard and mixing me some soil up with all the good added parts (peat moss etc..).

When he turned on the hose to rinse out the wheelbarrow. The Karma hit!

It seems that at some point this past winter (most likely when I joked about it) Our outside water pipe must of froze and busted! I opened the back door yesterday and thought hmm I don't remember turning on the washer. Hell no! it was the busted pipe filling up the floor of the laundry room! The piping comes in by the hot water heater.

Yep, Curt had an added project to deal with and planting was going to have to wait. He took it all apart,went to Menard's,purchased what was needed,installed and we were set. Were we?

The rest of the day went wonderful, some plants planted etc. Went to bed on time even! Woke at 2:40 am to use the restroom, heard what sounded like a drip or trickle of water. Didn't think a thing of it,well at least not for the first 40 seconds.

Went out of the bedroom/bathroom and to the laundry room to see a pool of water! The pipe didn't hold! and water was filling fast. Woke Curt up and we both proceeded to clean up the mess oh and turn off the water issue. The mop just wasn't enough to handle the water, the rug had to be pulled out and the man tool had to be brought out of storage (get your minds out of the gutter!! geeze)

Curt got out the shop vac to clean up the mess, after we were able to go back to bed and sleep for a couple more hours. He will have to deal with the piping issues today or maybe Monday, seeing as it is only an outside water it may not be an emergency LOL

So, Karma sucks and bites and many other things!