Friday, June 6, 2008

May I take your hat and coat?

I was out driving today when I noticed a man walking along. He was wearing a man's dress hat,coat and swinging his umbrella tapping it on the sidewalk as he walked.
This brought back memories of years gone by. Men don't dress like that much any more,if at all. He was not even an older man he was maybe in his mid 40s.

He walked as if he had not a care in the world. I noticed on his hat where the ribbon would normally be around the base of the hat, he had buttons of different types going around the whole hat. I wonder what the buttons said,were they political buttons,funny saying buttons..just what type of buttons could they have been???

My grandfather had a couple dress hats. One was black for formal and winter wear. The other was more of a tweed type hat with a ribbon of sorts around the base. The hats might of even had a small decorative feather on the ribbon. Each hat had a dress coat to go with,made of the same type of material or close to it. They had to match. Anything would go now days.

It made me remember how much I enjoy a well dressed man. Curt has dress coats and casual coats. Maybe teddy will have to get him a dress hat! for fathers day. I have a week to ponder that idea.LOL Curt is probably reading this blog, oh well we have been together to long to have secrets lol

Take care!

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