Sunday, June 1, 2008


Do you believe in Karma? I am starting to think that I do. Thinking back to this past winter and some of my blogs that I wrote. Jokes that I typed. Thoughts that I had. They all come back to bite you in the rear at some point and time.

That point in time was yesterday. Curt was outside with me,going to help with the million planters for the yard and mixing me some soil up with all the good added parts (peat moss etc..).

When he turned on the hose to rinse out the wheelbarrow. The Karma hit!

It seems that at some point this past winter (most likely when I joked about it) Our outside water pipe must of froze and busted! I opened the back door yesterday and thought hmm I don't remember turning on the washer. Hell no! it was the busted pipe filling up the floor of the laundry room! The piping comes in by the hot water heater.

Yep, Curt had an added project to deal with and planting was going to have to wait. He took it all apart,went to Menard's,purchased what was needed,installed and we were set. Were we?

The rest of the day went wonderful, some plants planted etc. Went to bed on time even! Woke at 2:40 am to use the restroom, heard what sounded like a drip or trickle of water. Didn't think a thing of it,well at least not for the first 40 seconds.

Went out of the bedroom/bathroom and to the laundry room to see a pool of water! The pipe didn't hold! and water was filling fast. Woke Curt up and we both proceeded to clean up the mess oh and turn off the water issue. The mop just wasn't enough to handle the water, the rug had to be pulled out and the man tool had to be brought out of storage (get your minds out of the gutter!! geeze)

Curt got out the shop vac to clean up the mess, after we were able to go back to bed and sleep for a couple more hours. He will have to deal with the piping issues today or maybe Monday, seeing as it is only an outside water it may not be an emergency LOL

So, Karma sucks and bites and many other things!

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