Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Change, what is it all about? Is it the jingle in your pants pocket? Is it the humm in your brain?
A few years ago we all prepared for the crash of the world Y2K. Remember that?

People were out buying bottled water,getting supplies ready in case of complete shut down.
I personally remember one of my g/f's doing all of this! I thought ok, you are out of your mind,nothing is going to happen and if it does so what! Someone,Someplace will fix it and everything will be ok.

As it turned out everything was ok,none of those bottled waters needed and no going into hiding. I sometimes wonder if people left those can goods in their shelters and ewww the thought of finding it all rusty etc.. ewww just ewwww!

Maybe I was silly for not believing or for believing everything would be ok. I will never know because it never happened.

I guess that is everything that brings me to this topic. Yes, change is hard. It is even harder when we age. I have made some changes lately and shared one of them with you all.

I made sure to have the back up blog page. I know a few of you have visited the page, I know a few more have refused to visit it. Yes, it is a couple more buttons to click and a place that wants yet another bit of information from you. But, really what have you got to lose at this point?
Chat rooms are null to none, we sit idle playing games and hanging out in messenger OR going to other chat sites and pretending we are not.

Maybe in my older age I am getting ready for the day of yahell really messing up, or no longer being around. It already is not supporting some of its programs and keep promising us something bigger and better, have yet to see that.

Micro-soft will keep things rolling at some point in time, if that all goes through. Until all the wrinkles get ironed out I will still be around in messenger and E-mail. I will have my blog at and I guess it is important enough to me to keep in contact with everyone so, I will have to keep posting here too, seeing as change is to hard for most.

I will always go that extra step, how about you?

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