Saturday, March 28, 2009

Time to "Pond"er

Living in Fargo ND has brought many different things into my life. In the past 8 plus years, I have learned a lot, heard a lot and now I have seen a lot.
A lot of water that is! We are in bad shape here in Fargo. We have made National News,Obama has called our state offices,Hospitals,nursing homes,peoples home etc.. have been evacuated. We are in the midst of a huge flood. The river will crest on Sunday at a perdicted 43 feet. The record was 40 feet in 1997.
We have had people show up to sand bag from all over. People have drove 7,8,9 etc hours to help save our towns! It has been an unreal pouring amount of support from strangers. Our town people have pulled together and helped fight the fight. We are a strong group here that have the same belief. We like where we live and have it good. My thanks go out to those people who have helped,prayed and did what ever it is you do to send positive vibes to our end of the world.
This morning when I took the dog out,all I could hear outside was quiet. Maybe a robin or two singing a song.No traffic,I could hear the heavy equipment grinding away as they finish any last ditch efforts of a taller clay dike. It is kind of an erry sound to hear- nothing. Our normal sound of traffic is a sure missed sign.
We are still in our house,packing a small bag today in case the dikes break. Curt thinks we will have half hour tops to get out of town if that happens. The one positive thing that has happened (can't believe I am going to say this) is that we got more snow! this has cooled off the melting of snow and allowed more ice to form. Making it a slower process of the flood.Made it harder for sand baggers tho.
Will keep people posted as I know more information. The picture up top was taken yesterday of the river. See that light post/top,yeah weird huh? That part of the river is usually/normally about 23 feet LOWER! Curt was taking the pictures on the only bridge left open between Moorhead and Fargo.


Fiona said...

OH my!!!!

I hope you stay ok hun!

Kelly said...

So far so good! Wish I could add you to follow, I am not smart enough to figure it out I guess. I have tried 4 times and nothing happens LOL