Sunday, June 8, 2008

For the love of dogs

I love dogs,do you?

We have 3 dogs that live behind us(not talking of the owners but that shoe could kinda fit as well). They are larger dogs and when they are outside they spend their time in a small upright kennel (guessing 10x10)

I watch them out my kitchen window when I am working on meals or such. Curt often hears me complain about how these dogs are treated or rather not treated.

There is no rule/law that you HAVE to give your animals love,compassion or such. Hell there isn't really a rule that you have to make sure they have water outside. Oh yes some say there is that rule- Ever try to enforce it? The cops will come out,talk to the owners and that's it. All the owners have to say is oh we gave them water,they drank it all or spilled it..there is no way of proving it.

Ok, let me get back on track because that is a whole nother rant I could go into for a long time.

Yesterday I was looking out that very window at the dogs and noticed the gal of the house was sitting outside on her back step while the guy mowed the lawn. Right then it hit me. A TOMATO CAGE cut down to size could be poked into the ground and their water bucket placed inside the cage!!

I stopped everything I was doing went over there and talked to her,she was accepting to the idea so, I went and grabbed a cage from the side of our shed and brought it over! I showed her where to cut the cage etc.. then I went back home to finish making dinner LOL

I watched out my window and sure enough she was cutting the cage like I suggested and placing it in a corner like I also suggested..giggles. This put hope and a bounce in my heart. These dogs will by gosh have water at all times if it means I take my garden watering can over, poke it through the fence and pour it into the bucket! Hence the idea of her placing it in a corner of the fence LOL

When she went to get the water bucket filled the dogs all went and inspected the frame work in their space. They also drank a ton of water when she brought the bucket out and placed it in the frame.

I am so proud of my idea! and that it worked. I might not of saved a planet but I have made it so 3 dogs will survive and have water!

There is more then one way to skin a cat..oh wait were talking dogs here LOL
take care